• Fondant covered cake is priced from RM90.00 per kg
  • Butter cream covered cake is priced at RM65.00 per kg.
  • Chocolate covered cakes and cream cheese covered cakes is from RM70.00 per kg
  • Miniature Fondant cake is priced from RM17.00 per piece depending on design, size and type of cake
  • Fondant covered cupcake is priced from RM7.00 per piece depending on design, size and type of cake
  • Exclusive Fondant cupcake is priced from RM9.00 per piece
  • Hantaran cupcake is priced from RM9.00 per piece
  • Butter cream Cupcake is priced from RM4.50 per piece depending on design, size and type of cake. Additional RM0.50 for chocolate or cream cheese topping
  • Edible image  – additional RM25.00/print
  • Addittional charges :-
  •  individual casing using plastic dome RM0.50/pc
  • individual transparent plastic box RM1.50/pc
  • Wedding cake pillars RM20.00 for 4
  • Figurine RM20.00
  • Fresh flowers for fountain from RM50.00 depending on type and amount.

Dummies basic design

            3 – 4 inches high                                    6 inches high            8 inches high

  • 6 inches – from RM100.00              RM150.00                    RM200.00
  • 8  inches – from RM150.00             RM220.00                    RM300.00
  • 9 inches – from RM200.00              RM300.00                    RM400.00
  • 10 inches –from RM250.00            RM370.00                    RM500.00
  • 11 inches – from RM300.00            RM450.00                     RM600.00
  • 12 inches – from RM350.00            RM520.00                     RM700.00
  • 13 inches – from RM400.00           RM600.00                      RM800.00
  • 14 inches –from RM450.0               RM670.00                     RM900.00
  • 16 inches – from RM550.00            RM820.00                     RM1100.00
  • 18 inches – from RM650.00           RM970.00                     RM1300.00

Extra charges for intricate designs and flowers (fresh or sugar)

Rental of cake accessories:

  • Silver stand –from RM50.00 plus deposit of RM100.00 refundable
  • Fountain plus stand –from RM200 plus deposit of RM200.0 refundable
  • Car base – RM50.00 plus deposit of RM100.00 refundable
  • Seven tier cupcake stand – RM100.00 plus deposit of RM100.oo refundable

Weight of Cake: Fondant covered cake

  • 6 inches cake – from 1.5 kg
  • 8 inches cake – from 2.5 kg
  • 10 inches cake –from 4 kg
  • 12 inches cake –from 6 kg

Minimum Cake Order:

  • Birthday cake/novelty cake – from 1.0 kg
  • Engagement/Hantaran/Wedding – from 2.5 kg
  • Cupcake – 16 pieces
  • Miniature cake – 12 pieces
  • Hantaran cupcake – 12 pieces
  • Final price of cake will depend on the weight, size, design, type of cake and surface decoration and the amount of sugar flowers used after the cake is completed. All our cakes are priced individually due to the complexity of the design.
  • All prices are subject to change.


  • Wedding cakes – 1-2 months advance notice is required
  • All other cakes – at least 2-3 weeks
  • Every cake we make is a custom made to order.

Payment Policy:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation of order. The balance is to be paid in full on collection day. Your order is not confirmed until we have received the initial payment.
  • Payment can be made by cash, check or online banking to our bank account which will be notified upon confirmation of order. A copy of the paying slip will be e-mailed to us as proof of payment.

Delivery is available  for wedding cakes that require on-site assembly.

RM30.00 – around KL and Klang valley

RM40.00 outside KL and Klang valley

RM50 – around Putrajaya